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Endodontic Referrals

Refer your patient to us for endodontic treatment using our online referral form. Once we have received the referral and relevant radiographs, we will aim to contact the patient within 72 hours, to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. Please send all relevant radiographs, including a peri-apical radiograph of the teeth to be treated, to using a secure e-mail account.

Once we have completed the treatment, we will discharge the patient back to you for final restoration and ongoing care.


Fee Guide for Endodontic Referrals

Below is a guide to our Endodontic treatment fees. A more detailed quote will be provided to the patient at the consultation. Please note the following fees do not include the fee of core build-ups. These will be charged in addition to the endodontic treatment fee.

Deposit for Consultation £55

(this is to be paid upon booking in order to secure a consultation appointment. It is refundable as long as 48 hours notice is given for cancellation of the appointment)

Anterior Tooth RCT (Incisor or Canine) from £450

Premolar Tooth RCT from £550

Molar Tooth RCT from £700

Additional Complexity Fee (E.g. Fractured File, Post Removal, Re-Root Canal Treatment etc.) £100

(this will be discussed if required with the patient at the time of consultation and is in additional to the root canal treatment fees)

Apicectomy £400

IV Sedation (per session) £300

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